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Tree Rats and Compost Heaps

The dogs were helping me clear out the compost heap this morning, as it had some holes appearing in it and it needed spreading it on the vegetable patch. They had one rat fairly quickly but its mate esacaped and ran up a tree:


Continues under the fold.


The view from the bedroom sanger window...

Out with the Lee Metford, iron sights, sleeved down to .22, 45-50 yards; it is the only language these recycling rats understand.



love the pics of the dogs!

have a nice christmas.. look forward to reading your blog in 2008

Bloody hell, that was a big bastard. Good shooting.

Nice shootin'! Killin' varmints is a necessary joy.

My uncle, long since deceased, had a very nasty scar on his face. This was the result as a child of cornering a rat on a compost heap. The rat jumped over his shoulder and took a chunk out of his face on the way.

Nice shot. I wish I could say I could have done the same. I've been shooting the hell out of the local squirrel population for the last few years and since I live next to a grain store there's always new and untrained targets moving in. My best day was four in less than one minute. 410, #4 shot. But I'm slipping and need to re-dedicate myself. My worst day, and I can't believe I'm admitting it, was eight rounds of 16 ga #6 for ONE weasley gray. I think he died of a headache. Yes, the trees were thick, and yes he acted as though he had been shot at before and yes, the first two shots were way too long, but I hit him four times (and missed him four times). When he finally hit the ground he looked like a tattered sock. Fun, but expensive.

I'd very much like to be shooting vermin, but apparently in Edinburgh it's considered bad form to go shooting rats, squirrels and other such evil creatures on the meadows. Shame.

Angry, what about all the vermin which can be found in that pedestrian mall behind Princes Street? Or have things changed since I was last there?

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