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Fundamental Nonsense

BBC NEWS | Wales | 'Atheistic fundamentalism' fears
The Archbishop of Wales, Dr Barry Morgan, has described a rise in "fundamentalism" as one of the great problems facing the world.

He focused on what he described as "atheistic fundamentalism". He said it advocated that religion in general and Christianity in particular have no substance, and that some view the faith as "superstitious nonsense".

As well as leading to Christmas being called "Winterval," the archbishop said "virulent, almost irrational" attacks on Christianity led to hospitals removing all Christian symbols from their chapels, and schools refusing to allow children to send Christmas cards with a Christian message.

He also said it led to things like "airlines refusing staff the freedom to wear a cross round their necks" in a reference to the row in which British Airways (BA) suspended an employee who insisted on wearing a cross necklace.

The horror of it! And how many 'planes have been flown into buildings in the name of Dawkins? How many non-believers have been put to the sword by other non-believers for not believing in the wrong sort of god? How many sectarian conflicts simmer and boil over on the finer points of Charles Darwin?


God bless him! also the little fairies, also the leprohauns, also the men in white coats.

Yawn. When Christianity matches the death toll of Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, good atheists all, or that notable pagan Adolf Hitler, give me a call. Until then, you and Hitchens have a Merry Christmas basking in the fruits of the Judeo-Christian ethos.

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