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No X factor

Generation X 'having less sex' - Telegraph

They are defined as Generation X but today's 20- to 40-somethings could soon be equally known as "Generation with no sex".

For those born before the 1960s, the invention of the Pill awakened their sense of sexual adventure. ... teenagers and those in their early 20s, .. are increasingly using sex as entertainment thanks to the internet, according to Edward Laumann, the professor of sociology at the University of Chicago, who conducted the research.

"It's clear that, while Generation X has sex, obviously, it's probably not as much or as varied in styles as that of their parents or today's teenagers and students," he said.

I think I'll give some yoofs a high five tonight as us old farts giggle at the losers in their carefully pressed jeans, oh so ethical lifestyles and boring lives in Barratt Homes. Still I see in other headlines there is hope for our rural northern friends:

First steps in a bid to bring the beaver back to wilds of Scotland - Scotsman.com News


Having spent more than a few weekend nights in Edinburgh in my time, let me tell you that the sheer thought of "Scottish beaver" scares the hell out of me.

Notable exceptions are Kirstie Gallacher and Carol Smillie, but most Scottish beaver looks and smells remarkably similar to actual beaver, from my recollection.

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