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Iain and Tim both wrong

Iain Dale and Tim Worstall are at oppositie ends of the argument as to how much MPs should get paid.
Iain as a wannabe MP thinks MPs ought to be paid gazillions, and having learnt how he has had to sell the roof from over his head to finance his attempts to become one, he argues with some passion. His disinterested argument is simply, you pay peanuts you get monkeys.

Tim can be summed up that as we only get monkeys they only deserve peanuts, and that is generous as a length of hempen rope and a lamp post would be more fitting for most.

There is a simple, fairer and more democratic answer. Let prospective MPs, like a job applicant say what their salary expectations are. Put it in their manifestos. "I'm worth £100,00 a year and double that in expenses because I'm jolly clever and will work hard". We will soon judge who is worth what.


From Iain Dale's comments on this posting:
Gallimaufry said...
Given that the legislative role of the House of Commons now predominantly consists of rubber stamping EU directives gold-plated by Departments, MPs are now mainly advocates for constituents to mitigate local and central government policies. Why not introduce compulsory competitive tendering for MPs' salaries by making them state on the ballot form what salary they desire. Let the people decide.

December 23, 2007 1:35 PM

I am really chuffed that I can think up in parallel a
similar idea to the Englishman. Thank you for a bonus Christmas present to my vain ego. Enjoy the Cruel Sea. Snorkers!.

Actually as they dont serve any useful purpose why keep the parasitic bastards, being complicit in betraying the nation a couple of fathoms of soft strong rope would be about right.

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