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How do you like your spuds?

Is umami the secret to help potatoes pass the taste test? - Scotsman.com News

UMAMI, a 100-year-old Japanese concept of flavour, may hold the key to breeding the perfect potato.

Umami has been scientifically accepted as one of the five individual tastes sensed by receptors on the tongue, along with salty, sweet, bitter and sour.

Although there is no equivalent word in English, umami has been used to describe the slightly savoury taste that people encounter when they eat ripe tomatoes, parmesan cheese, cured ham, mushrooms, and various types of meat and fish.

Dr Mark Taylor, the SCRI scientist who led the research, said: "Umami is almost a savoury-like flavour and that is obviously considered to be important when it comes to judging the taste of a potato. It was certainly the case in our taste trials.

I find it is the generous application of butter and salt or roasting them in beef dripping that gives them flavour...


christmas in california without English spuds is a trial...russets my ares.

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