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B of the Bang goes the Games' Budget

‘Bang’ ends with a whimper as spikes fall foul of health rules - Times Online
A sculpture created to mark the 2002 Commonwealth Games in Manchester has been declared unsafe...

The vaulting ambition of the 180-tonne structure, a starburst of enormous metal spikes that dominates East Manchester, was designed to seal the artist’s reputation. But his company is being sued for negligence and breach of contract by Manchester City Council. The council says that the structure remains unsafe. Four years after it was due to be completed it remains fenced off....a sorry sight on the periphery of Eastlands, formerly the City of Manchester Stadium.

Discarded metal spikes lie on the ground and, for a short period, the road had to be closed to traffic because of safety fears.

Meanwhile, costs spiralled from an estimated £750,000 to £1.42 million – because the successful bid did not include the cost of installation. The opening was put back from July 2003 to January 2005. But within two weeks of the opening, spikes began to fall off,...Sir Howard Bernstein, the council’s chief executive, said: "We want a lasting memorial to the Games."


Surely the sculpture can't be as dangerous as living in Manchester's drug-ridden council estates..?

That 'sculpture' sounds like the perfect embodiment of the 2012 steroid-fest preparations.

The thing obviously isn't fit for purpose. The local authority should demand, and get, a full refund, and the artist should be made to pay to decomission and remove it. There are too many of these useless luvvies living off the taxpayer.

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