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Someone to pass the biscuits round at the board meeting

Norway's firms face gender law - Scotsman.com News
NORWAY is about to smash the glass ceiling for women in the workplace with a sweeping new law.
From next week, firms must employ 40 per cent of female boardroom directors – or face being shut down.

At 37 per cent, Norway already has the highest number of female boardroom executives in the world.

Many Norwegian firms say they will not meet the quota deadline set for Monday and will have to shut until women get the posts once reserved for men.

A team of bureaucrats in Oslo has been tasked with keeping tabs on companies in the weeks and months ahead to make sure the ratio is being constantly increased to the required levels.

Nice to see that bureaucratic employment will increase as private firms suffer trying to fulfil this sexist tokenism. And how do female board directors who made it on their own merits feel about Trace from the typing pool being promoted and everyone assuming that every female director has now been given the role just because she is a girl?


I used a reference to Procrustes in a comment on another blog not five minutes ago, and so should refrain, but really...

I guess we can assume this will become a BritGov wheeze before we are much older.

since all the hard dangerous shitty jobs,such as mining,oilrig work,deep sea fishing,logging etc are done pretty much entirely by men,does this mean we can expect a law requiring 40% of people doing those jobs must now be women?no?didnt think so.All this stupid law will do is make women even more resented and those women who do have the guts and brains to make it on their own will find their efforts devalued.

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