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The Tale of Two Dynasties

Was Benn the Silver Jubilee spoilsport? - Times Online
With the economy faltering and the Government hanging on by a thread, the Queen’s Silver Jubilee was an unmissable opportunity to instil some feel-good factor into 1977. However, an “anti-monarchist” at the Department of Energy was threatening to ruin plans for a floodlit spectacle in London.

Lord Drogheda, the chairman of the London Celebrations Committee of the Queen’s Silver Jubilee, did not name the culprit, it seems reasonable to suspect that the allegedly unenthusiastic minister was Tony Benn, the Secretary of State.

And while Her Majesty serenely carries on as an inspiration and providing wise counsel, Benn is still a bitter old man heading up a dynasty of fanatical puritanical spoilsports.


Unlike many of my fellow libertarians, I strongly believe in the idea of a class enemy, and I strongly believe Viscount Stansgate, AKA Wedgie Benn, is a member of it. Had he and his ilk had their way, his genial, pipe-puffing imprimatur would have been put on the liquidation of such as I. He is a truly repellent figure.

Let it not be forgotten that in that role he closed more pits than Maggie Thatcher,.

And let it not be forgotten that AWB closed more pits than Maggie.

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