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Guns for Boys - Offically Good for Them

Ministers tell nurseries to allow boys toy guns - Times Online
Boys should be allowed to play with toy weapons at nursery, according to government advice that contradicts guidance from police and teachers.

Ministers do not mention toy guns specifically but they claim that some form of “weapons play” could help to engage boys in education.

However, teachers said that the guidance, published today, had no basis in educational practice, could encourage aggression among pupils and would anger and confuse parents.

Children have been suspended from school previously, or even arrested, when caught playing with toy guns.

The advice, from the Department for Children, Schools and Families, says that nursery staff should ignore their “natural instinct” to stop young boys playing games with weapons. It says that such activities can help to engage them.

I thought those mushrooms last night tasted a bit strange because I must be hallucinating, sensible advise from the Department? Though I would have been a bit more robust in telling the whining teachers that their "natural instinct" is nothing of the sort but is just another manifestation of the feminising wussyness that pollutes the whole education system.


How about rather than being allowed to play with toy guns they are taught to use real tools?

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