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Really, How Interesting.

House price fall worst for seven years - Telegraph

House market is steady in popular areas as prices fall around them - Times Online

I'm so glad my curmudgeonly reputation has become so widespread that no longer am I invited to Middle Class Dinner parties where gel haired prats and their power dressed wives will be boring for England about property prices. Given the choice between listening to them, disembowling myself with the fish slice or drinking too much ASDA Australian Cab Sauv and falling over shouting abusive comments into the koi pond you will probably understand why Mrs Englishman got fed up of dragging a sopping wet gibberer home everytime.


Koi ponds? That's not middle class 'dinner parties' you've been going to chum. But nothing wrong with Oz Cab Sauv, let's just call it supper and Happy New Year.

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