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Holiday Quiz

Out on my walk this morning down by the canal where the water gypsies live I noticed an old waterproof ammo box in the hedge. Useful I thought so I picked it up, and as I walked along I opened it up and looked inside. A fancy steel cutting box with a brown powder in it, a steel ampule, a calculator and a bag full of unused syringes and needles. Umm I thought, as the ghost of Sherlock Holmes inspired me, a diabetic snuff-taking mathematician has lost his box, what to do?

What Should I Do?
Call the Rozzers
Check the nightscope on the vermin rifle
Throw it back in to the hedge
Thank Santa Claus
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you forgot to add:
5. Add some rat poison to the mix.

A waterproof ammunition box with odd objects in it, near a public footpath, might have been left by GPS enabled treasure hunters as a GeoCache "dead letter box"

I would build a hide with a clear line of sight to said box & then when a certain chum comes over in the morning with a couple of rifles, leave him in peace ... to wait

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