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Teen Sex

Scotsman.com News - Sex lessons must start at age five

SEX education lessons should be given to schoolchildren as young as five as part of a bid to combat soaring levels of teenage pregnancy...

Sex education failing to halt teen pregnancy - Telegraph
Sex education initiatives are failing to control the spiralling teenage pregnancy crisis, ministers have admitted for the first time.

Teenagers have no problem knowing what goes where, and how it works. In fact judging by the videos scientific research they have a damn sight better idea than the grown ups. Telling them to wear a condom in kindergarten isn't the answer. They are choosing to get pregnant, now the reasons maybe stupid and due to their paucity of aspirations, or because they want a council house as the Daily Mail would say. But it is rarely anything to do with not knowing enough about sex.


Sex lessons at five ? This surely WILL reduce teenage pregnancies - they'll be PRE-teen pregnancies instead.

Alan Douglas

If they knew nothing at all about sex we would have far fewer teenage pregnancies. Schools are not equipped to teach this subject, and they shouldn't be allowed near it. Parents are qualified because they are prejudiced in favour of their own children, and to hell with the rest. Only people who love you, can tell you the truth above love. And children should be shielded from discussion of sex until they, as individuals, reach a point where they start asking questions about it. Five year olds aren't curious about sex, money, work or death.

Hey, teacher, leave them kids alone....

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