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Gratuitous Photos of Pretty Girls

The Press Association: Beauty icon title goes to Knightley

These are, in order, the top beauty icons of 2007 as named in the Superdrug poll: Keira Knightley, Kelly Brook, Kate Moss, Victoria Beckham, Fearne Cotton, Holly Willoughby, Gemma Atkinson, Alesha Dixon, Lily Allen and Jordan.

The story is crying out for a few illustrations but do you really want to see a bunch of high maintenance "tits on sticks" at this time of the morning? Where are the real women? Over to you Theo.


Tits on sticks - now there is a marketing oportunity for you - the ice-cream equivalent of chocolate penises. Two lolly sticks with a supremely lickable pair frozen on.

I wonder what flavours Keira and Posh Spice would serve us ?

Alan Douglas

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