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What you are not missing by staying in tonight

How I hate the human race
How I hate its silly face
And when I'm introduced to one
I wish I thought what jolly fun

I thought the poem was Belloc, but I can't trace it. Mr Google throws up the preposterous suggestion it might be by Sir Walter Raleigh, thus:

I wish I loved the human race;
I wish I loved its silly face;
I wish I loved the way it walks;
I wish I loved the way it talks;
and when I'm introduced to one,
I wish I thought what jolly fun.

I don't believe it.


Misanthropy is much maligned.

Happy New everything to you and your family,

*hugs & smooches*

Misty x

It is by Walter Raleigh - the other one ( academic, belle-lettrist )- ( 1861-1922 ). It's included in Vol 2 of Auden's The Poet's Tongue.

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