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The Future of Healthcare is in your hands

NHS patients told to treat themselves - Telegraph

Millions of people with arthritis, asthma and even heart failure will be urged to treat themselves as part of a Government plan to save billions of pounds from the NHS budget.

Instead of going to hospital or consulting a doctor, patients will be encouraged to carry out "self care" as the Department of Health (DoH) tries to meet Treasury targets to curb spending.....

• Using relaxation techniques to relieve stress and avoid "panic" visits to emergency wards....

The Prime Minister claimed the self-care agenda was about increasing patient choice and "personalised" services.

But an internal Government document seen by The Daily Telegraph makes clear that the policy is a money-saving measure, a key plank of DoH plans to cut costs....the plan would provide doctors with an excuse for ignoring the elderly or those with debilitating, but not life-threatening long-term conditions...

Increasingly the NHS is only interested in the exciting bits of medicine where they get blue flashing lights, sirens and the chance to run around a lot shouting like they do on the telly, and second role as nanny of the Nation where they can sit high up in their office block without ever having to meet the smelly and frankly unhygienic patients and issue them with advice, diktats and warnings to change their lifestyles.


Self-appendectomy kits in the pipeline?

I've been self-treating for years, Dremel for taking sharp edges off my teeth, vet amoxycillin for sore throats, horse ointment for cuts and grazes, dog eye ointment for, well... eyes. Etc, etc!

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