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Plugging into the state

'Big Brother' plug is watching you - Scotsman.com News
AN "intelligent" plug is being developed to help make our homes greener.
Designed to fit all domestic electric devices, the "Big Brother" plug will keep a close watch over household energy use – and curb it if necessary.

The plugs will transmit information to a central control point in the home and householders will be told how much power every device is soaking up, and when equipment is operating needlessly.

The plug will also contain an "integrated motion sensor". This will detect when there is little activity in a room where a device such as a TV has been left on.

The plug will alert the central controller, which can then switch the device off.

No more snoozing in front of the box then...

The plug is being developed with a £90,000 award from the Carbon Connections Development Fund..."The most important thing we need is government support. With that we could make sure one of these plugs is in every future domestic appliance."

Ah, got your drift now, "give me more money and legislation; it's for my job the environment...


Seem to remember that Italy are way ahead on this. They simply give you a very smaller consumer unit. I.e kettle and oven on at the same time and the fuse blow. Want a bigger unit? Then you pay through the nose for one.


Happy new year

A little googling reveals that the "Carbon Connections Development Fund" is part of that nest of climate alarmists Norwich Polytechnic, I mean The University Of East Anglia. Quelle surprise.

Hmm how long before these turn into outright spy systems?bugs or cameras

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