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Impacting crime

NYPD keeps up the pace as murders fall to historic low - Times Online
Police plan to flood the toughest areas of New York with new recruits in an attempt to drive down the crime rate to historic lows as the city celebrates a record drop in murders in 2007.

New York, once dubbed the murder capital of America, recorded fewer than 500 murders in a single year for the first time since reliable record-keeping began in 1963. In the final hours of the year, the 2007 tally stood at 492, compared with the record high of 2,245 at the height of the crack epidemic in 1990.

Adding to residents’ sense of security is that fewer than 100 of last year’s murders were random killings by strangers.

Police on the streets = reduced crime, not hard is it.


Since Christmas 2002 we (New Zealand) have had police cars everywhere on our highways enforcing speed limits and this has certainly had the effect of pretty much eliminating the "crime" of exceeding the speed limit by most people. (Prior to that it had been pretty much a free for all since the late '80’s and you could guarantee then that if the conditions were good, sitting on the speed limit mean’t being passed quite frequently – but not any more).
Unfortunately, the supposed knock on effect hasn’t materialised i.e. reduction in road toll and if anything it would appear to have gone North since.
However that is a side issue to this posting, the point is that there is no doubt police on the beat stop crime, the trick is getting them to do what you want rather than what the government wants.

Actually, police with guns on the street works.

It's true. The number of Brazilians dodging paying their London Underground fares has decreased dramatically.

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