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MOD Budgets

MoD buys art while essentials are cut - Telegraph
In 2004/05, MoD civil servants bought a set of paintings by Zil Hoque called Nimbus I, II, III, IV at a cost of £160,000.

They also bought a set of four paintings by Louise Cattrell - Eyrie, Aerial, Tempest and Keep - that cost £72,000, all excluding VAT.

The following financial year, the department spent almost £53,000 simply on maintaining its art collection.

Since the beginning of the Iraq war, officials have bought 3,150 chairs for £1,000 each and 134 widescreen televisions costing £348,000.

I'm sure the boys at the sharp end will be reassured to know that the arses back here are comfortable.


If only the Hoques had been called Nimrod I - IV...

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