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Trying to make money from a Democrat Victory

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It was on May 27th 2005 that I first suggested on the site that the then relatively unknown junior senator from Illinois was a good bet for the 2008 White House Race. At the time you could have got 50/1 on him going all the way

I have just got 11/5 at Betfair.

Iain Dale reminds us that :

The result on the Republican side is less meaningful. I find it difficult to believe that Huckabee's appeal will stretch far beyond the so-called Bible Belt. Mitt Romney's poor showing tonight will not only hit his campaign's self confidence, but also his ability to raise money. Giuliani is also finding fundraising tricky. Does this mean the real money as well as the smart money will also now switch back to John McCain?...

Romney and Clinton can take comfort from the fact that in 1992 Bill Clinton only got 3% in Iowa but went on to win the nomination. In 1988 the nominee Michael Dukakis got 22% and was 3rd. For the Republicans in 1988 Bob Dole beat VP (and nominee) George HW Bush by 37% to 19%. Pat Robertson got 25%. Info from Kiwiblog.


Trying to make money from a Democrat Victory

Not a bad idea....

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