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I Don't Like Mondays

Heigh-ho, it's off to work we go (and music really will help) - Scotsman.com News

IT SEEMS Snow White had the right idea. Jauntily encouraging people to embrace their jobs in the ditty Whistle While You Work, she sang: "Imagine that the broom is someone you love."
Now, 70 years after she and the Seven Dwarfs first danced across our screens in the Disney classic, a professor of music has found that people really do work better with a song in their hearts.

Professor Richard McGregor, of the University of Cumbria, yesterday insisted there was plenty of evidence that the right sort of music, played at the right sort of volume, could help bring about a happy workforce and increase productivity.

"There's clear evidence that a happy workforce is a productive one, and the easiest way of raising the spirits in the office is to put on the radio or a CD," he said.

"But the choice of music is vital and there is a risk that, if it's the wrong choice, it could be a recipe for office disaster and upset most of the office."

The Snow White anthem or The Beatles' We Can Work it Out would be the kind of music likely to induce a happy, productive atmosphere. But playing the Boomtown Rats' I Don't Like Mondays or Cilla Black's Work is a Four Letter Word could be counter-productive if played in the workplace.

Monday morning it is back to work for the wage slaves, if any happy clappy manager suggests a company song or jolly ditty to make it more "fun" staple his head to the photocopier and send me the print out.


Never mind: whistling will be banned, as soon as some "scientist" discovers that whistling causes a disproportionate amount of CO2 to be expelled into the atmosphere.

You heard it here first.

Did not the nazis have music played at the death camps? underneath sign about freedom through work.


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