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GM food poser

Farmer on hunger strike in GM protest - Scotsman.com News

FRENCH farmer José Bové, who became a worldwide celebrity for his fight against junk food, went on a hunger strike yesterday with around 15 other activists to try and get the government to do more to ban genetically modified crops.

Millions of innocent Africans dying from hunger caused by "green activists" or 16 French Greenies starving themselves - your choice, not hard is it...


I think what these greenie froggie types are doing is wonderful. I just wish there was a website where we could sponsor more green frogs to go on hunger strike. A little over 60 million people in France, I reckon finding 60 million people around the world keen to support the cause would be a doddle, especially if they had to give any sponsorship money back if they stopped the hunger strike. Now, what about those GM crops in Wales?

GM crops may make sense in Africa but I can't see the point of them in Europe. I don't think they are harmful to human health but they are certainly harmful to biodiversity.

"but they are certainly harmful to biodiversity."

Or then again, maybe they aint. The following links suggest there is no certainty about it, except in the minds of Luddites like Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth/Enemies of People.




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