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Happy Monday

Brace yourself for Manic Monday when everyone wants a fresh start - Times Online
So that was Christmas, then, and today is Manic Monday – the day of dread reckoning when we count the terrible toll the festive season has taken on our wallets and our lives, and perhaps do something about it.

As humdrum reality returns, we will be shuffling off the last fortnight’s lethargy in a big way, taking our life in our hands and giving it a good shake. It’s the day for grasping the nettle of a failed marriage, booking a holiday or starting the search for a new job.

Divorce lawyers are braced for the busiest day of the year, when the strains of Yuletide prove too much for thousands of couples....

Argggh, I feel a severe bout of martyrdom coming on | Melanie Reid - Times Online
It’s said that up to 200,000 people can expect to go down with novovirus, the winter vomiting bug, this week, and we are being cautioned to keep away from our doctors’ surgeries, wash our hands compulsively and — this is the best bit — avoid going back to work until 48 hours after the last symptoms have finished.

Yes, you heard that right. No return to work for 48 hours after the last symptoms have finished. Nothing less than an astonishing two-day holiday, when you are feeling fine, authorised by the Government. A glorious, officially sanctioned, windfall that will more than make up for the mewling and puking of the preceding three days. You can tell these people work for a quango.

In the public sector, where absenteeism is endemic, there is an an implicit understanding that one is entitled to at least two weeks off every winter, regardless of any actual illness. Local authority flu, it’s commonly called.

But for the rest of us, this is fantasy stuff. Forty-eight hours off! In the private sector, for years now, workers have abided by a 48-hour rule, all right, but with the opposite application, taking ourselves back to work well before we were fully recovered. Our reputations, our careers, our shareholders and our bonuses depend on it.


Wow, how you overworked Brits need more public holidays! Over here in the laid-back Mediterranean climate everybody has been back at work since Dec 26th - and we only stopped on the 24th!.

"Le jour de boiterie" n'existe pas ici - and there's only 1 day on the 1st of Jan (if it falls in the week - otherwise business as usual.

Nice Monday post! Come by and check out my revamped, made over blog, and take a peak at my Manic Monday blog!



christmas finished here on 26th but had a much more festive lead in than in u.k. I have just started organising work from here in ca in uk...My American family cant believe that I havnt been able to get anything done for over 2 weeks.

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