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It's cold - put another Granny on the fire.

BBC NEWS | England | Manchester | Plan to recycle crematorium heat
A crematorium in Greater Manchester is proposing to recycle the heat generated when its furnaces are cremating people's remains.

Excess heats is produced by special equipment to filter emissions, such as mercury from people's fillings at Dukinfield Crematorium.

Tameside Council believes that this extra heat could be used to warm the crematorium's chapel.

That isn't very ambitious - look at this very informative site (totty alert) - Cremation and the Environment
The heat from the furnaces of the two crematoria in Helsingborg and Boras in Sweden is being piped directly to district energy companies. One local energy company heats 60,000 homes and estimates the crematoria have supplied about 10 percent of its needs.

How many people are they burning?

HatTip Mr Plod


Alternatively, let the vultures have their supper. A single human body can be compressed into one pint of crude oil.

some of us cruder than others!..using non labour voters for heating is a great idea...Brownie must be so happy,two birds with one stone.

Soylent Green, anyone?

Or, "All the Jews you can Use"?

This is an affront to life itself.

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