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Youngest in Class

Pupils born in summer more likely to struggle - Telegraph


Children born in the summer could also be held back a year before starting school, the report suggested, to give them a better chance.

Numberwatch - October 2007

Now schools no longer run themselves, but are subject to endless interference and targetry by Government ministers and underemployed bureaucrats. Pupils are repeatedly tested into a state of coma. Expensive research is commissioned to replace what was once common knowledge. Stupid interventions and “urgent action” are thought up at the drop of a hat. “Equity” and “efficiency” are the watchwords, while teachers and parents are deemed too stupid to be able to make the allowances that they once made without instruction from above.

Furthermore, changes are suggested that are self-evidently nonsense. However many children are “held back” there is always going to be one who is the youngest in the class, while those held back now become the eldest, so there is always a difference of one year between them. Even common sense is no longer common.

Children born in summer could start classes a year later - Times Online
January 10, 2008 Children born in the summer could start school a year later than their peers under government plans announced yesterday.

The youngest pupils in each academic year suffer in exams throughout their school lives.


Well I've every intention of red shirting my lad.
I remember all too well my school days and the younger end were always at a disadvantage to their peers. That extra year of maturity makes a huge difference in academic acheivement and school yard status.

Of course if you move the summer born kids back a year, then those born just before summer will become the youngest. Someone has to be youngest in class, it's inevitable. A possible answer is progression through school levels based on ability, but that would be controversial and no doubt have its own associated difficulties. Of course another problem is kids start too young. Difference in age makes a bigger difference the younger you are, but of course in order to be seen doing something there will be tests and league tables from the moment we are born, if New Labour continue on their current route.

I was the youngest in year...sod the exams..when it came to fighting..thats when it got tough!

"The youngest pupils in each academic year suffer in exams throughout their school lives."

Oh yeah?

So when my son - who was actually legally "too young" for his year, and got into Primary School on a "placement" - collected his 2:1 from Edinburgh Uni last year, that counted as "suffering", did it?

I don't remember that any of us suffered very much at the party...

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