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Schnell, schnell raus

Police learning German for imported dogs - Telegraph

Police dog handlers are learning to give orders to their animals in German, as 16 forces now import canines because of a shortage in the UK.

... commands including "sitz" (sit), "platz" (down), "aus" (let go), "holen" (fetch) and "bissen" (bite)...but police bosses say they are good value as they are already trained in obedience

That is the last thing I want to hear as I'm running from the Rozzers, I'ld start to get flashbacks...


Admittedly my efforts to educate the Fearsome Hounds of Remittance have largely failed, but if one is honest that is probably down to me not them. On the whole alsatians are pretty intelligent mutts, certainly intelligent enough to learn a bunch of commands in English. I bet they'd manage it quicker than the average Brit could learn a foreign language too.

btw. How can they import doggies from the continent? Aren't there all sorts of regulations about quarantine and so on? Or don't the rozzers worry about giving scrotes rabies?

Actually, no I think about that .......

"Aren't there all sorts of regulations about quarantine and so on?"

Not any more, as long as they have a Pet Passport (and the proper vaccinations beforehand). Probably one of the few things that we gained as a result of the EU...

And considering some of the chavs we are breeding in the UK, I'd be more worried about the DOGS catching something... ;)

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