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American Wussies

US winemakers seek to reduce alcohol content - Telegraph

Ray Coursen, a Napa Valley winemaker, said it was "very easy" to make wines of up to 16.4%

He said it was impossible for two people to share a bottle over dinner as the wines overwhelmed the meal.

Of course it is impossible to share one bottle over dinner, you need at least a bottle each with the main course, after something cold crisp and white with the starter, followed by a Merlot with the choccy pudding or a decent Sauternes and then Port and cheese. Then you can start properly drinking, retiring to where you had a couple of pre-dinner sharpeners for something dark, peaty and old.


I do not doubt your drinking prowess but I,m pretty sure a bottle of our Napa valley cab franc with every course will pretty much ruin pudding!...I,ll get some to you sometime.

Mmmm! Napa Cab Franc! My favorite is the Dover Canyon Alto Pomar although their 2001 Menage was very very good too. Napa is nice, but crowded and expensive and a pain in the ass to drive-up to - we head south to Paso Robles and more open country. Good hunting country down there for wild boar too. :-)

It's a fact the whole world knows: a bottle of wine is the size it is because it is a handy individual serving.

"it is a handy individual serving." Wine bottles fit in stubby coolers! Except of course silly ones like Mateus Rose but who would want to drink that piss anyway?

Never had a problem splitting a bottle over dinner without overwhelming anything...only tiny people who have neither the circulatory nor the urinary capacity to handle it need a smaller bottle.

...but then there's always beer...24 bottles in a case...24 hours in a day. Coincidence? I think NOT!

Doug in Colorado

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