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How Green is your Napa Valley?

How far has your tipple travelled? - Scotsman.com News
A “working paper” published last year by Tara Garnett of the Food Climate Research Network at the University of Surrey suggested the alcohol sector is responsible for around 1.5 per cent of the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions....the production of just one bottle of Italian wine created put 16 grams of sulphur dioxide into the air – even before transportation....

As for food – or in this case drink – miles, while it might make sense to choose wines from the south of England or France above those from Chile or New Zealand, in reality the new world wines have often been transported by sea, while the French ones generally come by road, making the difference between them in terms of transportation pollution smaller than one might imagine.

Confused? Even Friends of the Earth admit the issue of “green” alcohol is one that requires a great deal more research. It’s enough to make one reach for a stiff drink.


So I shouldn't feel guilty about drinking the local rotgut brandy and offering my guests gin distilled in an industrial alcohol plant just outside Krugersdorp?

I feel sooo guilty now...so bang goes your bottle of cab franc!

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