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Take some more Gin and Tonic with it

Warming Is Blamed for Antarctica's Weight Gain - New York Times

The eastern half of Antarctica is gaining weight, more than 45 billion tons a year, according to a new scientific study.... The finding matches expectations that the earth's warming temperatures would increase the amount of moisture in the air and lead to greater snowfall over Antarctica.

''It's been long predicted by climate models,'' said Dr. Curt H. Davis, a professor of electrical and computer engineering at the University of Missouri and the lead author of a paper that was published on the Web site of the journal Science yesterday. ''This is the first observational evidence.''

globeandmail.com: Antarctic ice sheet shrinking at faster rate

But a new study released today, based on some of the most extensive measurements to date of the continent's ice mass, presents a worrisome development: Antarctica's ice sheet is shrinking, at a rate that increased dramatically from 1996 to 2006....the trend is due to global warming, and isn't part of a normal natural fluctuation....

Within scientific circles, there is little doubt that Greenland's ice is melting, but there has been more uncertainty over the fate of the larger stores of ice on Antarctica.

The authoritative Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, the UN-sponsored scientific body that compiles information on global warming, said last year that studies on the subject have been all over the map.

Some have suggested the ice cap was expanding by 50 billion tonnes a year from 1993 to 2003, while others projected losses over the same period of up to 200 billion tonnes.


Well, as we are told by Andrew Dessler at gristmill, we can safely ignore this study because Dr Curt H Davis is a professor of electrical and computer engineering and not a climate scientist.

If anyone doubted that Andrew Dessler is a complete and utter dickhead they should read this old post:


Apparently, anyone who does not agree with him is a nutcase. I guess his students have figured out how to get good marks from him. Look at the poll question, he could probably get a job with the EU poll department: "Are you an intelligent, enlightened person who believes in greater European integration or are you an arsehole who does not recognise the great sacrifices that EU politicians and bureaucrats make on your behalf?"

I see.

Global warming causes shrinkage of the ice caps, until they expand, whereupon it causes expansion of the ice cap.

Now the ice cap is shrinking, global warming is causing shrinking again.

Have I missed anything out?

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