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Inclusion in Schools

Adam Smith Institute - Common No. 9

"It is wrong to allow bright children to go to special schools. This deprives the ordinary schools of their beneficial influence."

If you regard children as the property of the state, existing to serve it, then it is explicable why the bright ones should be regarded as a scarce commodity, and rationed accordingly....
The vicious notion is that children, whether bright or not, should be regarded as the instruments of the ends of others, instead of ends in themselves. Children do not exist to serve the purposes of the state, it is the other way round. The concern should be with what is of benefit to the individuals concerned, rather than with how they can be made to serve some ideological view of society....

Read the rest, I would add that it isn't only the bright kids who are suffering from this ideology. Special needs schools have been closing at an alarming rate and part of the reasoning is that integrating the those kids into "normal" schools improves the morals of the other children. Poor bloody kids in wheelchairs or with learning difficulties, don't deserve to be used as object lessons in how caring society should be towards them, they just deserve the best chances they can get, and that often means "special" schools. More and David Cameron's view


It's not so far removed, is it, from the mindset which says that as soon as you die, you become a harvestable resource for the state... Worrying stuff.

Someone ought to suggest to Cameron that he replace the word "Special" with "Grammar".

Good Lord man!?! What the hell's happening over there??

By the stated logic it is presumably in the interests of other children to remove disruptive ones to a special school so they may not suffer from their detrimental influence.

Ahhh... but we can't do that, and have got the Human Rights Act/'no child left behind brigade' to thank for that.

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