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Suzi Leather - Nice name, not sure about the rest.

War on 'exclusive' fee-paying schools - Telegraph

Independent schools are to be made to open their doors to more children from poor homes under guidelines announced to stop them being run as "exclusive clubs".

Schools failing to meet the regulations could have bank accounts frozen, trustees suspended, buildings seized or even be closed down under a range of sanctions.

This is from the new exciting Charity Commision, not a nuLabour front organisation, as run by Suzi Leather.

Dame Suzi, as she has been since January, a committed member of the Labour party; Her CV:

Born April 5 1956 to doctor parents. Mother was a psychosexual counsellor
Family Married to Prof Iain Hampsher-Monk (Professor of Political Theory at the University of Exeter); one son and two daughters
Education Exeter University (BA hons politics 1977; BPhil Dist. Social Work 1986); Leicester University (MA Eur. politics 1978). CQSW 1986
Career "Experimenting with job after job, market research, probation officer, politics lecturer, three different degrees, when she stopped work for ten years to become a full-time mother...suddenly, she was catapulted straight into public life: chairwoman of an NHS trust, and from there, head of some of the country’s most prominent public bodies: deciding on everything from food safety to IVF". 1979-84, senior research officer for Consumers in Europe; 1984-86, trainee probation officer; 1988-97, freelance consumer consultant; 1997-2001, chair of Exeter and District NHS trust; 2000-02, first deputy chair of Food Standards Agency; March 2002-, chair of Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority; May 2005-, chair of School Food Trust, head of the Charity Commision Aug 2006.
(Additional material from The Times)

Behold the enemy.


I've got a little list...

....and not a 'real' job on her CV.... Pluc ca change...

How is one supposed to take seriously a woman whose name sounds as if she should be working as a dominatrix in a bordello?

Another member of the Nu-Labore sucky sucky clique.Appointed to head organizations dealing with subjects of which she has no knowledge whatsoever. But apparently raking in quite a lot of money through her propagation of ignorance! I wouldn't cross the road the throw a lifebelt to this stupid woman nor her lefty husband (at one of the most left wing unis. in the U.K.!) Not if somebody paid me £100 each for the pleasure!!

Total waste of space. Why do we listen to these individuals whose backsides are wheretheir mouyths should be , because thas what comes out of them when they pontificate!

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