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Teaching the BBC world view

BBC website takes political coverage to all secondary school pupils - Times Online

The BBC is to provide political analysis for every schoolchild, in a controversial web venture...The portal will give children the BBC’s analysis of issues such as the European Union Treaty...he new venture, which remains uncosted...

Iain Dale, who publishes an influential political blog, said: “Not all of us want children emerging from the educational system with a BBC-engendered outlook.”

Iain, as always, puts it much more politely than some of us would.


Says it all, doesn't it?

Another way for the government to bore the pants off future voters. Bore enough people and nobody will vote. I'm waiting for Saga to teach grannies to suck eggs.

I don't remember signing up for political indoctrination when I paid my license fee. What the hell is the BBC doing sticking their nose into this?

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