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Civilised thoughts in an uncivilised world

An overnight power cut again here last night and the electricity has only just been restored. I must out and feed the pigs so thin blogging gruel for you today. As I enjoyed a leisurely breakfast by candle light with the kettle burbling on the range I wondered why I don't retreat from the hurly burly of modern life more often. Luckily The Times had been delivered so I was able to drop crumbs across it as I tried to match up the newsworthy for bouts of celebrity cage fight.

Heather Mills vs Tessa Jowell
Paul Burrell vs Peter Hain
Gordon Brown vs the long dead bloated corpse of Marlon Brando

I'd pay good money to see any of those.

Suggestions for additional pairings welcome.


I'd like to see Ian Blair doing 400m hurdles over London Underground Ticket Barriers. I'd give him a 100m start over Jean Charles de Menezes family armed with handguns. If he reaches the finishing line without being caught, fine, if not, he better be good at grovelling.

Then of course, there is Charles Clarke. How about him and Prezza? Would have to be a decent sized cage, and robust.

And what about the Militosser? I think we'd have to give him to DK.

Ken Livingstone? Ian Paisley obviously.

And finally, Wales v Iran to the last man standing, that's got to be a win-win.

Graham Norton vs Pres Ahmadinejad

PS. DocBud, did you get beaten up by a Welsh Cake as a child?

Hain would clearly lose and then claim it wasn't fair because everyone knows he is 'incompetent'.


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