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Ah Ha my hearties - cutting down on the Pirate menace

Put away your arms, drama group is told - Telegraph

A village amateur dramatic group performing Robinson Crusoe has had to tell police about the use of plastic swords because of health and safety fears.

The Carnon Downs Drama Group, at Perranwell, Cornwall, must lock up its two plastic cutlasses, six wooden swords and a toy gun when they are not in use and appoint a "responsible guardian" for them. A co-director, Linda Barker, said: "In some scenes pirates hit each other with frying pans and saucepan lids but there's no problem with them.

The group said it informed police about the use of replica weapons after studying new health and safety guidelines and new legislation to crack down on violent crime.


Frying pans can be lethal. I have one you could kill an ox with. And if I thew my pressure cooker at you, you wouldn't get up again. Then there's my steam iron, carving knife, and toasting fork....

But then again, if you had ever tasted my cooking, y

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