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Plod picks on easy target

Pensioner who shouted at yobs ends up in cells - Telegraph

A pensioner who stepped in to stop youths throwing stones at ducks on a canal was arrested by police.

Bill Marshall was expecting officers to investigate his complaints about being repeatedly taunted by the gang. Instead the 73-year-old great-grandfather was taken to a cell and accused of attacking the teenagers.

Mr Marshall, who has a heart condition and diabetes, was left distressed and angered by the arrest....

Now police have dropped any charges and apologised.

Chief Insp Glenn Harper of Nottinghamshire Police said the arresting officer acted correctly but added: "I will ensure the necessary training needs are addressed."

More "training" - the answer to everything - what about giving the officer a right royal bollocking?


Oh come on that would be against his human rights

I didn't realise police needed training to not arrest an old man who was trying to help his community.

I had a similar experience a year ago although it did not quite get as far. I remonstrated with a yob who tried to break my front window. Five or so days later a very short but aggresive pc turned up in the late evening and said I should call the police. After I pointed out that the police would not respond he threatened me with arrest. I do NOT trust the police as I did when younger.

"fter I pointed out that the police would not respond he threatened me with arrest. "

For what - arguing?!? I suppose I shouldn't be surprised....

If the officer acted correctly why does his boss need to "ensure the necessary training needs are addressed"?

This is a classic NuLabour non-answer that contradicts itself. It's bollox, in other words.

Might I politely suggest that both the officer concerned and Chief Inspector Harper be placed on point duty until such a time as they can prove they understand Peel's nine principles of policing and can distinguish between criminals and ordinary members of the public. Chief Inspector Harper should further be required to demonstrate the ability to make ten truthful statments regarding something his men have done wrong before being allowed back in charge of anything more serious thatn a pedestrian crossing.

If you need training to stop you from persecuting the innocent.
If you need training to behave like a facsimile of a human being.
If you need training to use your common sense...

Then you are unfit for any job, and under no circumstances should you be disporting yourself in any uniform, with the possible exception of jackboots.

One of these days they are going to get hold of another frail elderly party, who will die in their holding cells, because he or she had the effrontery to file a complaint about thuggish behaviour. When that day dawns, the final bond of trust between the public and the police will break. The Constabulary will become the Stasi.

Well said, Monty.

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