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Sell B&Q

Patio heaters axed - Times Online
Patio heaters, the near-ubiquitous prop for British summer evenings, are to be phased out by the country’s biggest DIY retailer after pressure from environmentalists.

B&Q, which sold 50,000 of the heaters in 2005, is to stop stocking gas and electricity powered heaters at the end of this year, forgoing potential sales of more than £8m.
The B&Q initiative comes at a difficult time for its parent company Kingfisher, which has seen its share price almost halve during the past 12 months over fears that sales will be hit by the faltering UK housing market.

Yes that's the way to do it, losing sales so stop selling stuff, I wish I was a retail genius like that.


Just go back to using the old wood-burning outdoor stove, matey -- that's SO much better for the environment.

Well done B+q..between screwfix and ebay you are in deep trouble.

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