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EU Treaty "unlikely to be beneficial to the UK's position in Europe" - Official

BBC NEWS | Politics | EU treaty 'same as constitution'
The Commons Foreign Affairs Committee's report, entitled Foreign Policy Aspects Of The Treaty Of Lisbon, claims there are only two small differences in the area of foreign policy between the treaty and the abandoned constitution.

These were the addition of two non-legally binding declarations proposed by the UK and the change of the title Minister for Foreign Affairs to High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy.

"We conclude that there is no material difference between the provisions on foreign affairs in the Constitutional Treaty which the government made subject to approval in a referendum and those in the Lisbon Treaty on which a referendum is being denied," the report said.

It also accused the government of seeking to downplay the significance of new institutions, such as the creation of a new EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security.

This was "unlikely to be beneficial to the UK's position in Europe", it said, and called on ministers to acknowledge their true significance in public.

And that is about as close as a bunch of MPs can to saying that the Government has acted like lying traitorous bastards.


"unlikely to be beneficial"?!?!

So, let's be clear about this. We give away even more sovereignty and give up even more vetos for nothing?

Unfortunately it is not only the "government" that is lying, all the other major parties are as well. They will not tell the truth about what we are about to lose and that condemns them.

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