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Food Rationing

Together we can beat obesity | Alan Johnson - Times Online Britain is in the grip of an epidemic...without action this could rise to almost nine in 10 adults and two-thirds of children by 2050....a public health problem that is comparable to climate change. Failure to act now will lead to serious adverse consequences in a few decades, and any delay raises the real possibility that reversal of these trends may cease to be an option ...The rising tide of overweight and obese people is the most significant public and personal health challenge facing our society. With concerted action across government and with wide institutional support aligned to personal responsibility...Some will characterise any attempt by government to tackle this problem as unnecessary interference with individual choice. The fact is that people worry more about a neglectful state than a nanny state.

It is not the government’s job to hector or lecture, but....

Government may ban fast food near schools - Telegraph - as part of a more interventionist approach by the Government to tackling childhood obesity.

It is quite obvious that the Government is enjoying the command and control of people's lives they have granted themselves because of "climate change" enough, so they need another scare to get right inside your personal life as well. Combine food rationing with fuel rationing and you are close to the socialist utopia of 1948. In the meantime let us remember a victim of living a life of personal freedom and reckless disregard for food labelling;

Eddie 'Bozo' Miller - Telegraph - was an American described by the Guinness Book of Records as the "world's greatest trencherman".

Though he achieved this accolade by virtue of his competitive eating stunts - such as eating 27 2lb chickens in a row to win a $10,000 bet, or out-drinking a lion in Martinis - Miller was just as keen on the table in ordinary life. "Before lunch, I'd have 10 to 12 martinis, every day," he told the Oakland Tribune last November. "In Las Vegas, I ate 12 club sandwiches in a row. I ate 400 raviolis a couple of times. I'd eat 6,000 to 12,000 oysters on a half shell. Sometimes I'd eat the entire menu." Despite these prodigious exercises in gluttony, he insisted: "I never really had indigestion."

Eddie "Bozo" Miller died on January 7 aged 89 of natural causes.


"...out-drinking a lion in Martinis..."


How do you get a lion to drink Martini..?!?

Thank you for sharing the "trencherman story". It's truly heartening.

Thank you for sharing the "trencherman story". It's truly heartening.

Thank you for sharing the "trencherman story". It's truly heartening.

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