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Flag Day

There was an attractive young lady rattling a tin in town today, big sign on it saying:
Please Help Young People Who Have SexDaily

Being a gentleman of course I offered to help, I didn't want to embarrass her so I took her by the hand into a doorway where I whispered into her ear...

It's spelt "Dyslexia"


One of my favourite "Matt" cartoons on the front of the DT was at the height of some dyslexia debate in the news. A policeman was standing in front of a man holding a small pig and the caption was:

"It's okay to be dyslexic so put down the gnu"


The old jokes are of course - did you hear about the man who went to a toga party dressed as a goat? And that it's a good thing King Cnut wasn't dyslexic.

I went to a dyslexic rave last night. Everyone was taking F's and a bloke in the corner was trying to inject a Heron.

I should apologise for this post, but having dyslexia means you never have to say your syrro!!

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