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Giant Steps for Mankind

BBC NEWS | Northern Ireland | Rising sea 'a threat to Causeway' The National Trust report warned access to the site would become more difficult, with problems as early as 2020.

Wot no mention of Climate Change? Is the BBC slipping in not blaming every thing on 4x4 drivers?

Of course the sea levels in the northern parts of these isles is a competition between the isostatic and the eustatic changes - the north is still bouncing up from being depressed by having Gordon Brown living there the last ice age and the sea levels have also been creeping up for as long as records have been kept. Estimates of the result based on the IPCC report are, on the mainland side, from the sea dropping 10cm to it rising 10cm by 2020 . Gosh, the worst scenario is a 4 inch rise in average sea level which will make "access to the site difficult", and to think if they had waves as well!


"Is the BBC slipping"? not at all. Nothing in the report suggests that the evil carbon-spewing humans could be at fault, so they leave it to the reader to assume the worst, rather than lose all credibility.

You clearly have not been watching Sky News, where the blame is clearly laid at the feet of man made Global Warming. Sky have a real agenda here, creating mass hysteria. They blame everything on global warming from my smelly socks to bank charges. On the odd occasion someone appears on Sky News denouncing man made GW using facts and figures, Sky sweep them under the carpet, but put some greenie on there with no evidence - just emotion, and Sky run it twice an hour all day. Biased news reporting or what.

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