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The ID Card delay

ID card scheme put off until after election | Special Reports | Guardian Unlimited Politics
A compulsory identity card system for British citizens looks as if it will be deferred beyond the next election, according to documents leaked to the Conservatives.

Result all round - obviously the costs and technology are spirally out of control - it's a government IT project so that is a given. So a delay eases the pain, especially if it can be booted beyond the election and so instead of an election dominated by ID cards it is still a distant nightmare. Of course it does mean that they intend to creep them in, first for your Kosovan cleaner, then for your kids teacher, and who could object to that? And then somehow when you renew your passport or apply for a job suddenly you have to have one as well. How did that happen? But they are useful, and then some womble in a chequered hat demands to see yours as you walk down the street and then you know what has happened.


We already have a working ID card scheme.


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