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Why it is right to lie to help your kids.

David Cameron defends church school 'cheats' - Times Online

Parents who pretend that they have Christian beliefs in order to win places in church schools are doing the best for their children, David Cameron believes.

The Tory leader refuses to criticise the “middle-class parents with sharp elbows”. Asked for his views on the families accused of playing the system, he says: “I think it’s good for parents who want the best for their kids. I don’t blame anyone who tries to get their children into a good school. Most people are doing so because it has an ethos and culture. I believe in active citizens.”

Well said Dave, parents have a duty to lie, cheat and play the system in anyway they can to do the best for their children, their primary duty is to their children not to some socialist system where the individual children's interests come very low down the priorities.


School choice is certainly going to be a big theme in the next Conservative manifesto. Labour have got it all wrong and the Conservatives should easily be able to step in at the right moment and propose some effective solutions.

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