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Written consent needed from illegals before we can detect them

Illegal immigrants spared the gamma-ray scanner | The Register

The French have banned Brit border guards at Calais from deploying immigrant-hunting gamma-ray scanners, claiming they breach EU health and safety regulations and can only be used with the intended targets' written permission.

According to the Evening Standard, the scanners have proved somewhat successful in cutting the numbers of illegals entering the UK via France, contributing to an 88 per cent reduction in those reaching Dover in 2006.

The machines, costing 」2m a pop, sweep along the exterior of lorries, revealing any illicit human cargo within, but deliver "less than a thousandth of the background radiation" anyone in their path would normally receive in a year.

Of course the French don't want them to tarry in France, far better to let them carry on over to us.


Then we should setup a huge fucking trebuchet at Dover, use this gamma ray thing at Dover and use the Trebuchet to fire any we find back at Calais... (and yes I did mean /at/ and not /to/...)

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