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The envy of less happier lands

Climate change ‘will lead to warfare over food and water’ - Times Online
It was “almost certain” that, by 2050, droughts, food shortages and flooding would lead to the mass movement of up to 200 million environmental refugees...with many of them heading for Britain, according to the paper, An Uncertain Future: Law Enforcement, National Security and Climate Change for the Oxford Research Group...security services would be challenged increasingly by the number of refugees, and the Government would need to consider stronger border controls. Protests against companies that continued to emit greenhouse gases were possible as climate change intensified and they might even provoke riots.
In other parts of the world the pressures caused by global warming, particularly through changes in rainfall patterns and the disappearance of glaciers, would provoke wars over agriculture and water rights.

No need to worry, they won't make it past the turbines, they will be sliced and diced by the tens of thousands of blades; this sceptred isle, this earth of majesty, this seat of Mars, this precious stone set in the silver sea, filled with whirring whirligigs which serve it in the office of a wall or as a moat defensive to a house, against the envy of less happier lands,--
This blessed plot, this earth, this realm, this England.


So if we assume that the AGW crowd are right (hard, but let's do it just this once), half of the third world is going to become a barren desert and the teeming millions are going to be looking for somewhere else to plant their mealies.

The numpties seem to forget that their doomsady scenario already presents a possible solution. All that real estate currently frozen to tundra or covered by glaciers is going to defrost faster than an ice cube in a microwave. And because its at northern latitudes with long summer days the growing season will be phenominal.

Send the Gromboolians to Siberia.

I'm surprised that they are not also predicting nuclear annihilation for the entire human race by 2060 as well.

Good old scaremongering, lovely way to start the morning.

Perhaps if we have enough of the bastard things whirling around it will move us a few hundred miles further from europe?...one can hope.

Will it also lead to zombies? Mad Max was cool but it definitely needed more zombies.

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