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Hain runs for it as the police arrive at the door.

Peter%20Hain.jpgBBC NEWS | Politics | Peter Hain resigns from Cabinet

Peter Hain has quit the Cabinet after his deputy leader campaign donations were referred to the Met Police.

Mr Hain, work and pensions secretary and Wales secretary, said he had stood down so he could "clear my name".

He quit within minutes of the Electoral Commission saying that it had decided to refer the late declaration of £103,000 of donations to the police.

And just in time for a celebratory tincture at lunch time, it is only a pity that the story doesn't continue with him being found dancing the Tyburn jig.


That picture is definitely worthy of a caption competition ;)

I find it amusing (sad?) that, whilst resigning from the cabinet, he will remain an MP.

Is the Tyburn jig anything like the Spandau ballet?

This is a Good Thing, and now maybe more dominoes will fall.

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