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An Irishman's home is his castle

How three robbers fled after victim fought back - Telegraph

A millionaire businessman singlehandly fought off three armed burglars after they put a knife to his teenage daughter's throat, he told a court.

Bernard Dwyer, 51, who runs a construction business, said he believed they would all be killed and decided he "would rather die like a man than a dog" defending his family.

Mr Dwyer, who was raised on a farm in Ireland, came to Britain with only £30 in his pocket and worked as a labourer but is now a successful businessman with contracts all over the world, said:..

"These b**tards were out of control. We were going to die anyway, that's what I thought.

"I thought if I am going to die then I would rather die like a man than a dog. The guy was standing over me with the gun and I thought if I can move the gun with my arm and make the bullet go into the wall I could come up and bash him."

"I hit him several times, I hit him plenty,"

"So we had another bout of fisticuffs," said Mr Dwyer, "But this time I’m in charge of this battle. I let the door go and let them fall in and then, bam, had a go at them again.

"I have never used a weapon in my life and it was a great feeling. I grabbed the gun and bashed it across the knuckle-duster guy.

"Next thing is they took off and I chased them down the stairs. I bashed knuckle-duster man with the gun and I broke the handle on his head."


Have the police arrested this hero yet for taking the law into his own hands?

Rather, didn't Mr. Dwyer understand his actions were anti-competitive and oppressive to the thug's income and career?

Damn, I wish I could buy the man a drink.

And a shotgun.

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