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Guido Tory Stooge? No Evidence Yet

Who is Guido working for? : January 2008 : Three Line Whip : Politics : Telegraph Blogs suggests that hero of the hour Guido Fawkes is a Tory stooge -

Tim Ireland points out that the text of an email doesn't say much about who it is from and has asked for the header data or even just the "From" address, which seems to read "From: Guido.fawkes@gmail.com On Behalf Of Guy Fawkes [guido.fawkes@order-order.com]

Now Tim is no fool with regard to interwebby stuff so he knows that faking a "from" address is as easy as a really easy thing in easyville. Has he seen the rest of the headers which would tell us more or is he running with it on just this?

I would ask on his website or on the Telegraph one but they both want me to register before commenting.

UPDATE: All is revealed:


Fawkes: Contrary to Lobby rumours, Guido's blog is not a subsidiary of CCHQ

Commenting on today's online reports in The Daily Telegraph, The Times and The Mirror that the Guido Fawkes blog is a CCHQ operation, Paul Staines said:

"The rumours are absolute bollocks, if I'm in the pay of CCHQ they have been incredibly lax in sending the cheques.

"Particularly enjoyed Kevin Maguire's completely made up story today and similar conspiracy theories and speculation from James Kirkup, Sam Coates and Tom Watson MP.

"To all of you who haven't figured it out, yesterday I simply emailed the Daily Lobby distribution list server used by CCHQ's press office which automatically forwards emails on. It is not only the government that has data security issues."


I know that faking a 'from' address is an easy (if limited) gag, and said so over at the Tele blog a few minutes ago. Of course, a peek at the full headers wouldn't go astray (I've not had the pleasure yet, and would have said so if I had), but wouldn't it be nice if we could hear from Paul about this?

I do not care if he is Mrs T in a mask...Hain is history and if it annoys the msm and nulabour like it seems to,then more power to him/her.

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