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The French give us two fingers

French hunters pursuing an ancient thrill feel the pull of the bow - Times Online
..a growing number of Europeans have taken to stalking prey with bows and arrows — a weapon that may have been first used about 12,000 years ago.

The movement arrived in Europe from the US in the 1970s and has taken off in the past decade, notably in France, where the Government has sought to regulate the practice through the introduction of a bow hunting licence. More than 15,000 French people have obtained the licence — up from a few hundred in the 1990s — and about 5,000 are regular practitioners of la chasse à l’arc, which has also gained in popularity in Italy, Spain, Portugal and Scandinavia. Deer, boar, rabbits, hares, pheasants and coypu are among the prey.

A spokesman for the French Bowhunting Federation said that the pursuit was gaining ground because it offered an alternative to a technological society. “A hundred hours alone, concentrating on hunting a roebuck or a wild boar, has a different impact on you than 100 hours in front of a television”.

The spokesman said that the rise of bowhunting enabled the country’s archers to claim an unprecedented superiority over their British counterparts, who shoot at targets but not at game. “We’ve looked up to British archers ever since Agincourt,” he said. “But we’re probably better than you now.”

Now that is fighting talk - right all of you, if you aren't practising on the butts after church as required by 3 H.8.c.3 then there will be trouble - better than us, huh.


Hunting with bows is illegal in Britain. I wonder if that includes one-eyed tyrants?

Practicing every day,

Goin there in Feb. Well see who's better?!

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