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Gordon Brown's dismal economic record

Gordon Brown's handling of economy 'dismal' - Telegraph

An exclusive Daily Telegraph poll today shows voters are unimpressed with the way Mr Brown is running the country, and confirms the Tories' solid lead over Labour.

Overall, 61 per cent of voters say they disapprove of the Government's record to date, with only 23 per cent approving.

Mr Brown's political strategy for the next election is rooted in his claim to competence, hoping that voters will see him and the Labour Party as better qualified than David Cameron's Tories to run the country.

But damagingly for Mr Brown after a week of financial turmoil, the poll shows that voters are no longer convinced by his economic claims.

Over on the Adam Smith blog the full story is laid out:

Now that he's gambled £55bn of the taxpayers' money on Northern Rock, you would have thought that Gordon Brown's record for economic competence would be well and truly buried. After all, the defective regulation he put in place was responsible for the first run on a British bank for 100 years, and many economists are now forecasting a recession. Yet Brown blames all this on international trends and seems to get away with it. People may not think much of him as a prime minister, but they still believe he did a good job as chancellor. The reality is very different:....


I was outraged at the pensions robbery in 1997 and amazed that I was the only one I knew who was not still in a honeymoon period with NuLab. The public has now sort of cottoned on to the pensions robbery; there is plenty of time before the next election for them to rumble his galactic economic mismanagement and subterfuge. It just ain't quick.

A decade of grasping and calamity, yet this joker is now calling for global banking reform!

People do not connect Brown with the domestic policies since 1997 as Blair's face was everywhere. But it was Brown in control of our shores through his clammy grip on the purse strings.

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