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The ego has crash landed

Hain's bid marred by chaos and in-fighting - Telegraph

Peter Hain's closest political allies have said they are ready to blow the whistle on the chaos that plagued his failed campaign for Labour's deputy leadership....

"This is typical of Peter. It's his colossal ego. He'd been planning this campaign for years. It must go down as the worst result of all time for a campaign with that much planning and that much money."

....senior Labour figures fear that the police and prosecuting authorities, having failed to bring charges over the long-running cash for honours investigation, are determined to "do better" this time round.

One MP said: "There are serious concerns at high levels in the party that both Peters - Hain and Watt - will be charged. That would be disastrous for us."

I almost wish I had slipped Hain some more fivers in a brown envelope as his £103,000 is proving to be such good value.


What is truly extraordinary is that the perma-tanned oaf was willing to plot and plan 'for years' and spend a hundred grand on a bid to become DEPUTY leader of the Labour Party, a post whose previous two incumbents have been the ghastly Margaret Beckett, and then of course the well-nigh brain-damaged John Prescott. It carries no legislative authority whatever; it is wholly a party political role. As such, it carries not even a vestige of the power of a US Vice President, and the worth of that role of course was famously likened to 'a pitcher of warm piss'. Vanity, vanity, all is vanity.

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