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Alan Johnson - dirty tricks?

Alan Johnson: '100pc honest over donations' - Telegraph

"We did what the law asked us to do. We checked that he is on the electoral roll, we checked that he is registered to vote in this country," he said. "We also checked - although we are not required to - whether he was a member of the Labour Party, and he is a member of the Labour Party.

"We submitted his donation to the Parliamentary Register, it has been on there since May 9. We submitted it to the Electoral Commission."

As much as it pains me to say it i believe him, I don't think there was anything dodgy from his end of the process, what niggles me is why the story? We read it and think "Oh that is real nitpickery, this donorgate stuff isn't really bad, he is an honest bloke so surely everyone else accused is the same..."


What follows has nothing to do with your latest blog... but couldn't find any other way of communicating...

Dear Englishman

If that was you or a friend advocating the liberal use of Sloegasm this morning on Radio 4 Farming Prog (Sunday)- diolch yn fawr... I googled the word and found you recommend 50:50, I now know what to do with my surplus homemade sloe gin !

Its many many moons since I was in your area of the country - we used to cycle from that pile outside Tetbury (that fondly hoped it was educating young ladies) to Avebury, Malmesbury or wherever we could manage to escape to.

Best wishes from Wild Wales

Jen Cairns
A "Welsh"

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